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Get ready to beef up your cyber defense! NextdoorSec is a crack team of young, dynamic cybersecurity experts on a mission to secure the digital world.

Picture this – a catastrophic data breach costs a whopping $3.92 million on average. But don’t panic, that’s where NextdoorSec steps in to save the day. We’ve got your back against the constant barrage of attacks targeting Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, schools, and non-profits.

Founded in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium, our passion for protecting people, their sensitive information, and systems is unmatched. With years of experience, countless hours of training, and a rock-solid set of values honed during our time in service, NextdoorSec is the ultimate weapon in the fight against cyber threats. Let us use our expertise to keep your company safe and secure.

Secure Path – We outsmart hackers.

Nextdoorsec’s mission is to pre-emptively safeguard businesses against hackers by outsmarting them at their own game. Through proactive penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, and by implementing a defensive and holistic IT security strategy that mimics the attackers’ mindset, Nextdoorsec can shield you from emerging threats — whether they come from inside or outside your organization.

✅ Approach & Rigor

Through leveraging the same methodologies, techniques, and technologies (both manual and automated) utilized by malicious actors, we will methodically expose genuine threats to your organization.

✅ Authenticity

We will furnish you with a comprehensive overview of your IT security stance, precise findings, and optimal defense measures for safeguarding your enterprise.

✅ Meaningful Benefit for You

Our objective is to assist you in safeguarding your enterprise, confidential data, and intellectual property by identifying and mitigating actual (not hypothetical) risks, through hands-on demonstration and management.

Continuous Advancement

Cybersecurity is an ongoing process, not a final destination. We consistently stay ahead of evolving threats by studying, exploring, and acquiring knowledge of the newest methodologies and technologies employed by threat actors.

Specialization and Excellence

Our expertise is solely in Information Security, which is our core concentration, and we take immense pride in delivering it with exceptional proficiency.

✅ Optimistic and Solution-Oriented Approach

We will aid you in attaining attainable objectives, by utilizing the most effective methods accessible for administering your Information Security, with a positive and proactive mindset.

Some More.

External Penetration Testing

Are you ready to lock down your network and protect your company from cyber threats? Then it’s time for a Network Security Audit!

Think of it as a secret agent mission to uncover any potential weaknesses in your network’s defenses. And the best part? We’ve got your back. Our team of security experts will run a full-fledged investigation and let you know exactly what’s up.

Don’t leave your network’s security to chance. Get in touch with us, and let’s supercharge your risk management strategy. Your network will thank you for it!

Cyber Security Tools

Protecting sensitive information is a top priority! And that’s where the best cyber security tools come in. Get ready to level up your defense game, because we’re diving into the top picks in our latest blog.

Stay ahead of cyber threats and keep your data secure. Follow us for the lowdown on the latest and greatest in cyber security tools.

Web Application Testing

Keep your website and apps secure with Web Application Testing from NextdoorSec!

We’re like superheroes, using cutting-edge tools to identify and defeat any weak spots in your web defenses. Our testing process is a full-fledged attack simulation, following strict OWASP guidelines to uncover any vulnerabilities.

From hunting down OWASP Top 10 threats to testing for injection attacks, remote code execution, and malicious file uploads, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to protect your applications and data.

Stay a step ahead of the bad guys with NextdoorSec’s Web Application Testing!

Cyber Thrills for ALL

At NextdoorSec, we’re on a mission to bring the thrill of cybersecurity to everyone, not just the tech-savvy! That’s why we crank out YouTube content that’s jam-packed with entertainment and ease on the technicalities. Join us for a wild ride into the exciting world of cyber security!”

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