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At Nextdoorsec, we conduct cyber Vulnerability Assessment (also known as Vulnerability Scanning) to scan and evaluate vulnerabilities present in your IT infrastructure. Our team detects and reports any potential weaknesses, without proceeding to exploit or access targeted assets, ensuring that no harm is done to your system.

The primary goal of our Vulnerability management service is to swiftly identify any possible vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and understand your current security posture without simulating a real-life hacker attack. Our network vulnerability assessments are focused on eliminating any false-positives found in our vulnerability scans, and we provide comprehensive reports to help you understand your system’s security posture.

Our Methodology

At Nextdoorsec, we conduct Vulnerability Assessments from the perspective of a malicious outsider, using a blackbox approach. This means we follow a systematic process that starts with reconnaissance and footprinting to gather intelligence about your IT infrastructure. We then move on to scanning and enumeration to identify potential targets and assess them for vulnerabilities.

It’s important to note that we only begin vulnerability scanning after receiving explicit and signed authorization from you, as your security is our top priority. We aim to quickly identify potential vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and understand your current security posture without simulating an actual hacker attack. This process helps you mitigate potential risks and enhance your overall security.


At Nextdoorsec, we start each project by gathering customer goals and obtaining rules of engagement. This ensures that we fully understand our client’s needs and requirements, allowing us to tailor our offensive cybersecurity services to best meet their needs.


We kick off our offensive cybersecurity testing services by performing a thorough scanning and enumeration process. This helps us identify any potential vulnerabilities, weak spots, and possible exploits that can compromise your organization’s security.


Nextdoorsec carefully documents all identified vulnerabilities, company strengths, and weaknesses to provide comprehensive and actionable reports to our clients.

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What is the difference between Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing?

A clear explanation of the main distinctions between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Identifies some of the vulnerabilities

While vulnerability scanners and assessment tools are limited to identifying vulnerabilities they are programmed to detect, human hackers can be much more resourceful and inventive when attempting to exploit vulnerabilities.

Does limited checking for vulnerabilities

A penetration test employs a variety of tools to test and attack targets, while a vulnerability scan is limited in the scope of assessments it can perform.

Does automated, not manual verification

Automated vulnerability scanners rely on pre-defined algorithms and cannot fully simulate the creativity and ingenuity of a human attacker. Therefore, they may miss critical vulnerabilities and not accurately reflect the real-world risks to a business.

Does not help understand business risks

While vulnerability scanners can provide valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, they are limited in assessing real business risks. A scanner may generate a report indicating the presence of certain vulnerabilities, but it cannot accurately predict how a hacker might leverage those vulnerabilities to achieve their goals.

Mostly identifies known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scans are limited in their ability to identify vulnerabilities that are known to them. Additionally, they cannot combine different vulnerabilities to achieve an ultimate goal, unlike a human hacker who can creatively exploit multiple vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data or systems.

May contain false-positives

Vulnerability scanners can produce findings that include false positives, meaning they may report vulnerabilities that do not actually exist or are not genuine.

Rather than asking "if" you will be attacked, the question should be "when".

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We're not like average security penetration testing companies. We've earned a reputation for delivering tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. From mom-and-pop shops to tech startups, our expertise keeps your data safe and sound. Our clients appreciate our customized approach and commitment to transparency. Join the Nextdoorsec fam, one of the reliable vulnerability assessment companies and rest easy knowing your security is in good hands.

Nextdoorsec is an exceptional security company that provides thorough and detailed reports that are easy to understand. Their team is highly knowledgeable and responsive, always willing to answer any questions and provide guidance on how to properly address security vulnerabilities according to industry best practices. With Nextdoorsec's help, we were able to identify and address previously undetected security gaps in our systems, giving us greater confidence in our overall security posture. We highly recommend Nextdoorsec for any organization looking to improve their security posture and protect their valuable assets.

Pieter van der Meer
Cloud Architect

Nextdoorsec provided our organization with top-notch security services. Their team was incredibly thorough and professional, and their level of communication was outstanding. They kept us informed at every step of the process and were always available to answer any questions we had. We were particularly impressed with their commitment to transparency and their ability to provide actionable recommendations for improving our security posture. We would highly recommend Nextdoorsec to any organization looking to enhance their security and protect their valuable assets.

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