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Quickly check the current posture of your web application’s security with NextdoorSec

Welcome to our free website security scan! With our powerful tool, you can easily identify vulnerabilities and security risks on your website to ensure it stays safe and secure from potential attacks.

As a website owner, it’s important to prioritize your website’s security, no matter the size or type of your website. Cybersecurity threats are becoming more common, and we want to help you protect your online presence. Our website scanner is meant to make it simple for you to scan your website for potential security threats and receive an in-depth report on your website’s security state.

Our scanner is comprehensive and scans for a variety of security threats and vulnerabilities, such as subdomain discovery, IPs and open ports identification, directory and files fuzzing, screenshot gathering, endpoints gathering, OSINT, obsolete software, unsecured SSL certificates, and much more. It also looks for any security flaws that could make your website exposed to assaults.

Simply enter your website’s URL, and our tool will scan the website for vulnerabilities. It will thoroughly scan your website and generate a detailed report that highlights any potential security risks and provides recommendations on how to address them.

Our website security checker is perfect for businesses, website owners, developers, and anyone who wants to ensure their website is secure. It’s completely free, and there are no hidden costs or obligations.

1. Enter Your Website

Enter your website’s URL and email address associated with your website’s domain.

2. Reply to our Email

Reply to the confirmation email with your consent to perform the free website security scan.

3. Review Results

You’ll receive your free website scan report within 24 hours to review.


How do I scan the website for vulnerabilities without tools?

Scanning a website for vulnerabilities without tools is not recommended, as it requires technical knowledge and can be time-consuming. Tools are designed to automate the process and provide accurate results, and the best option is a combination of both.

What is the best tool to scan a website for vulnerabilities?

Many tools are available to scan a website for vulnerabilities, including open-source tools like Nikto, OWASP ZAP, and Nmap, as well as commercial tools like Acunetix, Burp Suite, and Qualys. The best tool for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

How can I scan a bug in my website?

To scan a bug in your website, you can use a web vulnerability scanner tool. These tools can detect various vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and file inclusion vulnerabilities. Once you have identified the bug, you can fix it by following best practices or consulting a web developer or security expert.

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