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Phishing is the root cause of 91% of all data breaches. According to a study by the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition in 2020, 68% of Belgian organizations experienced a cyber attack in the past year. In 2020, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 241,342 complaints of suspected internet crime, with reported losses exceeding $4.2 billion.

Organizations need to take proactive measures to combat the growing threat of phishing attacks, such as conducting regular phishing simulations and training employees on how to identify and respond to phishing attempts. By doing so, organizations can reduce their risk of falling victim to these attacks and protect their sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. 


Our Methodology

  1. Planning: Our phishing testing platform works with you to determine the scope and goals of the simulation, including what types of phishing emails to test and which employees to target.
  2. Designing: We create customized phishing emails tailored to your organization and designed to mimic real-world attacks. These phishing email test online may contain links to fake login pages, malware attachments, or sensitive information requests.
  3. Sending: We send phishing emails to the selected employees, monitoring their responses and interactions with the email.
  4. Analyzing: Our team analyzes the simulation results, identifying vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. We provide detailed reports that include statistics on employee responses and recommendations for training and awareness.
  5. Training: We work with your organization to provide targeted training and awareness programs based on the simulation results. This can include employee education on identifying and reporting phishing emails and best practices for protecting sensitive information.
  6. Repeating: To ensure ongoing security, we recommend repeating the simulation regularly to measure progress and identify new vulnerabilities.


Scope and goals are determined.

4. Analyse

Results are analyzed and reported.

2. Design

Customized phishing emails are created.

5. Train

Results-based awareness programs.

3. Send

Phishing emails are sent and monitored.

6. Repeat

Simulation is repeated for best results.

Why wait until your organization falls victim to a devastating phishing attack before taking action to protect your data and assets?

With Nextdoorsec’s phishing simulation, you can proactively test your employees’ awareness and ability to detect and report phishing emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is phishing?

Phishing is a major cyber threat that involves attackers sending fake emails to trick recipients into divulging sensitive information or unwittingly enabling a ransomware attack. These phishing emails are often sent out on a large scale, indiscriminately targeting many recipients at once. However, attackers may also use more targeted spear phishing techniques to carefully select and personalize the messages sent to specific individuals or groups.

In addition, attackers may use ransomware or CEO/CFO phishing emails to gain access to sensitive information or extort payment from organizations. Given the widespread and constantly evolving nature of phishing attacks, it is critical for organizations to regularly test their defenses through phishing simulations and ensure that employees are trained to recognize and avoid these types of attacks.

What is a phishing simulation?

A phishing simulation is a test to assess employees’ ability to recognize phishing emails. A phishing simulation is an easy way to gain insight into your organization’s information security knowledge level. Phishing simulation companies are organizations that provide services to businesses and individuals to simulate phishing attacks on their employees or clients.

What happens if you are phished?

While sending a phishing simulation, it often happens that one employee clicks on an email and then also logs in with his credentials. This data is of course not stored, the platform does not store the fields that can be filled in. So should you have stepped into a phishing simulation no worries no one has your login credentials.

How effective is phishing training?

Nextdoorsec’s Phishing & Awareness Training is a highly efficient solution that enables organizations to build their own human firewall against phishing attacks. Our training program is designed to educate and prepare your employees to identify and respond appropriately to phishing attempts, making them an integral part of your cybersecurity defense strategy.

With our program, you can track reports and statistics to see how your users become more resilient over time, and adapt your training to address any identified weaknesses or vulnerabilities. By regularly training your employees and raising awareness of the risks associated with phishing attacks, you can significantly reduce your organization’s risk of falling victim to this type of cyber threat.

How often do you recommend running phishing simulations?

Nextdoorsec recommends conducting regular phishing simulations to ensure that your employees are up-to-date with the latest threats and able to maintain their resilience. We suggest performing at least three to four simulations per year to keep your staff trained and prepared for any potential attacks. By conducting regular simulations, you can track the progress of your employees and identify areas that may need improvement. This helps to strengthen your organization’s security posture and protect against cyber threats.

What is a Security Awareness Training?

Cyber security is not just a technical challenge, it also involves people and organizational culture. Security awareness training is a process of educating employees on how to protect an organization’s computer systems, data, and other assets from internet-based threats and malicious actors. This training can cover topics such as identifying and reporting phishing emails, implementing strong passwords, avoiding social engineering attacks, and following best practices for data privacy and security. By providing regular security awareness training, organizations can help build a culture of security and increase their overall resilience to cyber threats.

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