Are Older Android Versions Safe? 5 Security Tips

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July 9, 2021

Are you an Android phone user? Do you find it hard to keep your phone safe from malware attacks? If yes, this step-by-step guide on “how to keep old android phones secure” is for you. Compared to iOS devices, Android devices require more updates to keep things running fluidly. Expert says that since the beginning days of the Android operating system, it faced several slowdowns. Despite all such problems, several people still opt for Android devices. Now, let’s find out the answer to the widespread query, “are older android versions safe to use”.

How to Keep old Android Phone Secure?

To keep your Android phones safe, you need constant updates. These updates will keep your Android phone safe from all kinds of malware attacks. Also, these updates help your phone run smoother, resulting in excellent overall performance. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to keep the old android phones secure.

Are older android version safe

1: Always Download Apps From Play store

We all know Google powers Android phones. Therefore, you get access to Google’s Play store on every android phone. To keep your phone safe and secure, you should always download applications from the play store. You might say we all do the same, but some tech-savvy individuals might recommend you to try an app or game through a 3rd party source. Don’t consider such advice. When the play store has millions of different apps and games, there is no need to risk your OS by getting an app through an unauthorised source. 

2: Keep on Looking for Updates

According to Google, they keep sending OTA (Over-the-air updates) to android 8, android 9, android 10, and android 11. This means that if your phone runs on Android 8 or above, you will keep on getting regular updates. If you have one of these, it’s great as your phone will be protected and secured to a great extent.

One thing to mention here is that your smartphone manufacturer is also responsible for ensuring that you get these updates without a hassle.  For instance, Samsung promises security updates for three years. So, for the future, get the phone that promises security and software updates for at least three years. 

3: Don’t allow 3rd party sources to access your Device

As we discussed before, one should hesitate to download any application from a 3rd party source. This measure is essential to ensure that nothing interrupts the user experience or hurts your phone’s security. We’ve seen cases where users reported severe mobile security issues after downloading apps through an unauthorised source. So, beware. 

4: Install an antivirus 

Just like for Pc’s, you do have some excellent antivirus options for your android smartphone. An antivirus, as the name says, keeps your phone secure from suspicious malware attacks. It also ensures that your android phone’s data is all safe. Believe us; an antivirus does help. If you are still unsure, you can try any free antivirus application. Test it out; if it does the job, you may update it to premium. 

5: Still not satisfied? Try a 3rd Party OS 

Yes, you heard it right; you can update your phone to a 3rd party OS such as LineageOS. No doubt, it’s a new name, but it’s not that bad. Consider shifting to a different OS when you are done with your android OS and nothing is working. No doubt there can be hiccups, and no OS promises lifetime security and software updates. In addition, for some, the android OS may not work the way they want. Such users can consider this option.

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Now you don’t have to search anymore, “are older android versions safe”. You have the answer with you. If you keep your phone up to date with the latest security patch, nothing will happen to it, provided that you don’t download apps and games from 3rd party app stores. So Android phones aren’t that bad, as some users assume, especially those on iOS. However, you have to be a bit careful about some of its operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is android 8 still safe?

A: It’s safe provided that you have updated it to the latest security patch. 

Q: Is android 7 still safe to use?

A: It’s safe to an extent. Just be careful with your downloads. 

Q: How to update an old Android phone to the latest version?

A: Jump into your phone’s settings. Click on about phone/software, check for updates (if available). Update your phone. 

Q: Is android 6 safe?

A: It’s better to avoid such phones which are stuck on android 6. There can be some risks.  

Q: Is it safe to use an old android tablet?

A: It depends on which model you want to use. If it’s on android 8 or above, you may go for it.  

Q: Is android 9 still safe

A: Yes, android 9 is a safe OS to a great extent.

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