Pentesting a Logistics Company

The Engagement

The Scenario

The logistics company, keen to bolster its security measures, contacted NextdoorSEC. Their goal was to assess the strength and effectiveness of their newly implemented IT security controls. They wanted to determine if the additional resources they had invested in IT security were beneficial.

Goals of the Security Assessment

The cybersecurity assessment was divided into an external and internal penetration test.

The external penetration test aimed to:

  • Simulate an outsider cyberattack
  • Attempt to access and extract sensitive information such as passwords, client details, and business secrets
  • Evaluate the company’s network security, particularly whether it could be compromised from outside the organization

The internal penetration test was designed to:

  • Attempt to compromise internal servers such as those for managing inventory, transport management systems (TMS), and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Extract any sensitive information internally
  • Conduct the test stealthily to avoid alerting the company’s employees

The penetration tests were performed from a “blackbox” perspective, simulating a real-world attack where the attacker has minimal initial information about the target.

Approach and Methodology

NextdoorSEC used a mix of manual and automated testing methodologies, utilizing both custom and industry-standard tools. This mimicked the techniques of potential cyber criminals.

The test revealed that threats inside the organization were more dangerous than external ones, despite the company’s robust security measures. During the internal penetration test, a NextdoorSEC consultant was present on-site to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

The external penetration test focused on the company’s critical public-facing digital services, such as its website, email servers, and remote worker VPN access. The test produced significant findings.

Upon completing the testing, NextdoorSEC provided the company with a comprehensive report detailing its findings and improvement suggestions.


✅ Inventory Management System Risk

Unrestricted admin access to the company’s inventory management system allowed potential attackers to manipulate company data.

✅ Information Leakage

Publicly accessible digital services, websites, and documents leaked significant information about the company’s IT infrastructure, which could be exploited in targeted attacks.

✅ Telecommunication System Breach

Admin access was achieved on the company’s telecommunication systems (VoIP), which could enable attackers to intercept calls, reroute them, or create new phone extensions.

✅ Weak Container Tracking Systems

The company’s container tracking system was found to be vulnerable, allowing potential attackers to manipulate or disrupt the tracking information. This could result in severe logistical problems, such as lost or misrouted shipments, potentially causing significant financial and reputational damage.

✅ Inadequate Access Controls for Delivery Scheduling System

The delivery scheduling system lacked robust access controls, enabling unauthorized access and potential manipulation of delivery schedules. This could lead to delays, incorrect deliveries, or even the possibility of intercepting deliveries.

✅ Unsecured Fleet Management Software

The company’s fleet management software, which monitors and manages the company’s vehicles, was found to be inadequately secured. This vulnerability could potentially allow attackers to track the movement of the company’s vehicles, leading to safety risks, theft, or the potential for targeted disruptions of the company’s operations.

✅ Senior Management System Access

Full admin access was gained on the company’s senior management staff systems, enabling potential attackers to access sensitive business information.

✅ VPN Vulnerability

The company’s VPN service for remote workers was found to have a significant vulnerability, enabling potential attackers to access sensitive information.

✅ Critical System Access

Unauthorized administrative access was achieved on the company’s technology leadership’s critical system. If exploited by a malicious actor, this vulnerability could have severe repercussions for the organization.

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