The Role of AI in Website Security with AI Website Builders

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November 22, 2023

Have you used website builders before? Users who want to make websites easier, even without having the necessary skills, may easily depend on these website builders. What’s interesting is the fact that developers are now developing these builders and integrating them with AI technology. Thus, we may find the best tools we’d like to call AI website builders.

Do they have any differences when we compare them with conventional web builders? In theory, the way they work and the end goal remains the same. These builders are made in order to accommodate users who want to create websites fast and functional. But, of course, there are some changes you may expect from these AI builders, including security. See the detailed information about it below!

Understanding The AI Website Builders

Before we talk more about how AI may help enhance the web builders’ security, we’d like to explain the concept of AI website builders. Essentially, these are the tools to simplify the web-building processes. When you look for the best AI website builder, it should have better features and security. The extra security really does matter. And it’s even more important when you’re designing a website.

Although AI technology has been more normalized now, the utilization of AI for building websites is not actually a new concept. Back then in 2014, The Grid introduced a website builder that was completed with AI. Following the genius idea, some brands started to make their own AI website builders, and the trend keeps growing until today.

How is the AI able to make websites? Are they using some kind of internal sources? As you probably know, the AI may be able to deliver certain information using specific input. In terms of website building, the AI would need algorithm combinations along with the user data in order to do the design work.

The user data also matters for AI as the information may help it craft new designs that end users may use later on when they’re designing their websites. Using AI for website builders is a clever idea as it may continuously develop to fill the needs of a wider range of user markets. 

The Mechanics of AI Website Builders

Usually, when a developer wants to make a website or website app, they may use a server from VPN or VPS to provide better stability, performance, and security to their platforms. AI website builders are said to be capable of offering good security. But how do they do it?

In order to find the answer, it would be best for us to know their mechanics first.

AI in Website Security

What Is AI

AI is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence. As the name tells you, this Intelligence has the ability to stimulate our way of thinking by using user data as input. Users may “teach” the AI about all things. When  AI is combined with machine learning technology, several technological advancements can be made, including website builders.

There are also some different types of AI depending on their abilities in learning and processing the data. There are Reactive Machines, which are systems that may only react to certain situations. As these are basically AI-installed machines, they have the ability to react but not to learn from past information and experience.

Another type of AI that’s way more advanced is Self-Aware AI. This is the point where AI has realized its existence and learned the ability to understand its surroundings. Users may input specific data information to enrich the AI’s learning capability and information library to make future decisions. 

AI + Machine Learning = AI Website Builders

By using AI’s ability to take past information and combine it with machine learning, AI website builders can be created to give users the best design recommendations for their platforms. It’s really possible to make each design unique according to the user’s input. So, with minimal effort, they can get the desired platform that suits their needs the best.

But how about security? Normally, we would use the best antivirus programs to help fight the risks. But how about the AI website builders? Are they able to create a website that’s easy and safe to use by end users?

As you probably know, safety is an essential factor for both the developers and end users. When designing a website, you need to make sure that visitors come to your platform safely. With less concern, the user experience will be increased as well.

The Role of AI in Enhancing Website Security

The role of AI in these website builders is to provide the security features that are brought as built-in functionality. Using the inputs from users, along with machine learning technology, the AI website builders may be able to provide the essentials, including password protection, firewalls, and SSL encryption. 

By having all these available by default, the developers can shorten the time required to enhance the website’s security. It’ll make the development process easier while making the end users stay safe when exploring the platform.

Aydan Arabadzha

Aydan Arabadzha


Aydan, a cybersecurity ace and AI visionary, thrives on the frontlines of offensive security. His passion birthed NextdoorSec, a groundbreaking cybersecurity firm. A relentless pioneer, Aydan is persistently pushing boundaries, shaping the future of the digital world one byte at a time.

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