What is the Best Countermeasure Against Social Engineering?

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October 24, 2022

In an organizational defensive framework, social engineering takes advantage of weaknesses at several layers (such as the social and technical layers). Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to protect against these attacks.

But with so many options available, what is the best countermeasure against social engineering? It involves employing a comprehensive defensive strategy through various countermeasures. Here we will discuss the different countermeasures in detail so you can see yourself. 

Social Engineering

What is the Best Countermeasure Against Social Engineering

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to successfully transfer viruses onto computer systems using only technical ways due to the improved efficacy and stability of technical defensive mechanisms. 

As a result, many hackers have begun to use social features in their criminal activities and specifically target those who use and access computers. Cyberattacks of this nature are referred to as social engineering attacks.

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Countermeasures Against Social Engineering

Organization security, employee awareness, and technical strategies are three categories of countermeasures against social engineering.

Organization’s security strategies

It’s common for people to feel guilty about saying “no.” However, your employee will be more confident to say “no” if the company has clear rules. A company’s proper rules, regulations, and guidelines guarantee that staff is ready for possible risky events. 

They will adhere to business rules under the stressful condition when a situation starts to vary from the social standards. As an initial stage for tackling the risk of social engineering to your business, take into account the following set of rules:

Rules for Internet 

Limit internet access only for business purposes. By doing this, employees could avoid trapping by phishing emails that have nothing to do with their jobs.

Rules for Software 

Select several employees, make a group, and give them the authority to download and upgrade software and specify what types of software are authorized. In such a way, you become secure from a vishing attack in which a social engineer invites a victim to install particular software. 

Rules for Hardware 

Specify particular hardware and do not allow any S.D. card or other USB drives. This rule can prevent your employees from connecting harmful flash drives to their work computers they may find at any random place.

Rules for Password 

Provides precise guidelines on how to:

  • Create new passwords (numbers, letters, and other features)
  • Handle passwords (such as not exchanging or repeating them)
  • Update passwords and other password-related tasks.

Suppose there is a strict rule never to share your password with anybody. In that case, this may stop certain employees from disclosing it during a vishing attack when a social engineer pretends to be an I.T. professional.

Rules for Entry

Explains the requirements for entry, including:

  • Wearing an I.D. badge throughout the duty hours
  • Forbidding anyone from following you through locked doors
  • Confirming the identities of all visitors
  • Ensuring supervision of all visitors

Define Everyone’s Duties

Outlines everyone’s roles and degrees of authority in the company. If a single individual is the target of social engineering, the data breach will be limited to the company’s system to which they have access.

Employee Awareness Strategies

What is the Best Countermeasure Against Social Engineering

Your staff has to be taught to spot cyberattacks or, at worst, circumstances that differ from everyday activities since cyber attackers are continually evolving their techniques.

Every employee in your company must get timely and appropriate training. The attackers’ strategies and tactics are constantly changing.

A comprehensive training program should incorporate the following:

  • Social engineering exercises
  • Frequent modeled phishing tests
  • Data protection awareness training

Employees must also understand the sensitivity and category of records and data. Your staff should know that managing extremely vital information needs more caution than dealing with less valuable assets.

Technical Strategies

Technical countermeasures are set up to prevent the issue from getting worse. The objective is to stop cybercriminals before they get a chance to exploit people from the start. There are several choices available here, including:

  • Secured trash control that destroys any private data
  • Secure physical entrance systems (doors, gates, etc.)
  • Complex entrance cards
  • Identity confirmation
  • Hosting any visitors, etc.

What is the Best Countermeasure Against Social Engineering?

In general, the best countermeasure against social engineering is to educate your staff on the following:

  • What is it?
  • Why it’s dangerous?
  • How to avoid social engineers. 

You can educate your employees in a variety of ways through various training. So, now you know what countermeasure we are referring to, yes, it is employee awareness. 


Since these attacks prey on human emotions, defending against them is difficult. Differentiating between a genuine offer, help, or haste requires much effort. Sometimes the assault is so well thought out that the victims are emotionally blinded and forced to make that uninformed move. However, there is always a solution, which is awareness, as employees are the main target in this type of cyberattack. If the employees are well-trained in social engineering, they will know what to expect and be well-prepared for any unusual circumstances.

Noor Khan

Noor Khan


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