How Secure is Snapchat?

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November 27, 2022

It’s necessary to recognize Snapchat’s influence in the social media world. It’s a service that has been around for a while and has millions of users. There is much more to it than “snap.” Snapchat states that data security is one of its top priorities. But is Snapchat safe for texting and photos? If so, how secure is Snapchat? Here we will discuss Snapchat’s server’s security information in detail; continue reading to know more about it. 

How Secure is Snapchat?

Snapchat proudly claims that it is safe for privacy. The central concept behind its privacy security is that the data you share with another Snapchat user disappears automatically after viewing it. Snapchat is a social networking site with a history of being untrustworthy. In the past years, there have been several breaches. Subscribers’ private data, including usernames, locations, and partially anonymized contact information, has been reported to leak.

According to BBC news 2014, hackers stole the identities and contact information of 4.6 million Snapchat users and briefly exposed the information online. The breach occurred a few days after a security agency issued a public alert about potential security holes in Snapchat’s software. 

Snapchat could be a complex messaging software because of its appealing feature – the speed and timely status of sent and received messages. The data that members send and receive are on schedules to view only once before being ‘erased’ and unavailable.

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Is Snapchat Private and End-To-End Encrypted? 

Snapchat employs end-to-end encryption on images exchanged between members, but it is not the same for texts and other messages received on Snapchat. When Snapchat messages are sent to Snapchat’s servers, they are encrypted, but the encryption key is kept if needed. Snapchat supports in-route encryption, but there is a restriction.  

The FTC charged Snapchat in 2013 for misleading people about the “disappearing nature” of texts exchanged through the site. Snaps are erased from the platforms immediately as the addressed users open them. Snapchat assures that this sent information usually cannot be recovered from Snapchat’s servers by anybody under any circumstance. Unopened Snaps, on the other hand, are stored on the databases for 30 days until being removed. As a result, if needed by law, Snapchat can provide unread personal conversations. 

How Secure is Snapchat “My Eyes Only”?

Snapchat is one degree of “confidential” and “secure,” but those terms are relative until we discuss impenetrable encryption technology, which Snapchat does not currently employ. A feature called “My Eyes Only” were introduced in 2016, claiming to keep your data extra private. The part is only practical after the snaps have been sent. But it’s first sent to the server and then to the particular receiver.

People enjoy using Snapchat very much as it offers beautiful filters which occasionally change according to trends. People want to continue using it and ask different queries, like, Is Snapchat video call safe? Is Snapchat safe for sending private photos? Is Snapchat safe for photos and many more like it? The pertinent answer to all such doubts is “NO.”

Steps to Be Safe on Snapchat

If you enjoy using this app, you can change Snapchat privacy settings and take some protective measures to be safe. 

Make your Location Private

In the settings, you may enable “Ghost Mode,” which ensures your location will be secret and not broadcast to other people. If you have to reveal your location, ensure that it is shared with only those you know and trust.

Allow Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Enabling two-factor verification for any app is generally a brilliant idea. You will need more details than just your credentials to access your account. This additional layer of security will make your account safer from attackers and prospective criminals.

Be Cautious of What you Share

Take care not to post anything you don’t want people to see. 

There is always a chance that your stuff will get out if someone copies your chats or photos, or if a possible attacker gets hold of Snapchat’s logs. Even if you believe your pictures and texts will disappear, it is wise to consider the worst-case situation.

Always Use Up to Date App Version

Application upgrades frequently include critical security fixes, bug fixes, or security holes. These upgrades will help to prevent attackers from using existing weaknesses.

Manage who can Contact and View your Content

You can manage your settings, restrict the audience that views your content, and contact you.  Don’t add strangers; the fewer the number of your contacts, the more secure your content is on Snapchat. Hide in Quick Add and restrict people from finding you through mutual connections. Don’t share your account name randomly.  


Snapchat is safer than ever but only partially secure. The program has improved to ensure its subscribers may have a secure and reliable service. Cybercriminals can access any program. Critical security incidents are inevitable, so the best way to protect yourself is to be aware and take action.

Noor Khan

Noor Khan


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