How to Watch Banned YouTube Videos in My Country?

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January 28, 2023

Watching youtube videos for hours is one of the most exciting activities. There could be a moment when you cannot watch particular videos and get an alert message, “This video is not available to watch in your country.” It is the most annoying moment and exploits all your fun. But there are ways to resolve such an issue. So, if you have a query, “How to watch banned YouTube videos in my country,” you’re on the right platform; continue reading to learn about it. 

How to Watch Banned YouTube Videos in My Country?

It’s false that all YouTube videos are accessible anywhere in the world, but that’s not the case. YouTube does not simply serve user-generated content; it also contains licensed stuff such as films and television series, some of which are exclusively permitted for particular regions. 

It means you cannot see a video in your country, or you have to pay to watch it.

Here are some techniques to avoid YouTube’s local barrier and watch videos banned in your country. 

Through Proxy

Proxies redirect your internet activity to the server of other regions of the world. Your I.P. address got changed in such a case, and youtube cannot decide whether to ban the content. They might also record your data without encrypting it, making it easier to determine if you violate restrictions or licensing rules. In addition, most proxies are slower than VPN services, which might result in visual lag or an unstable network.

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Through VPN

A VPN encodes and routes all of the online traffic to another server. The key is that you have to select the server’s region. Your actual I.P. address is then changed by one of that specific areas. Such as, if you live in the U.K. and have access to a U.S. Vpn connection from home, you’ll have a U.S. I.P. address, and YouTube will get your location as a U.S. server. 

It is known as I.P. hiding and “geo-spoofing.” If you buy a reliable Vpn connection, you will have access to nearly any Web site while maintaining your confidential identities. This is the simplest method for accessing YouTube videos in a nation where it is banned. A VPN hides your I.P. address, allowing you to successfully control your I.P. address and quickly overcome the country restriction.

By Changing URL

This is an additional easy and effective approach for accessing YouTube videos banned in your country. Try it out as:

Consider the URL for the video is:

Try replacing “watch?v=” with “v/,” and the URL will be as follows:

Through Browser Extension

You can also install browser extensions to see banned YouTube videos. Download and add a browser extension that allows you to access blocked YouTube content. A VPN browser plugin will enable you to access restricted material without disclosing your id or browsing history. As a result, you may allow it to access blocked YouTube videos.

Through Smart DNS

You should personally, or through the assistance of third-party tools, change the Internet’s domain. Smart DNS, similar to proxies, and VPNs, will alter your location by forwarding traffic via other servers. However, as there is no encrypting, such connections are faster. The DNS server will think it has rights to the countries or regions for whom the online content you want to view is in this manner.

SmartDNS technique can successfully fake your Port number to get over minor limitations imposed by corporations but not by Govts, who go to considerable extents to enforce restrictions.

Through a Browser

Tor is a browser that allows you to access protected media. It is well-known for its effectiveness in offering customers a secure surfing session while also allowing them to remain relatively anonymous. One of its characteristics is that the search history is instantly erased after each visit. The Tor browser will enable customers to view geo-restricted media and protects data transmitted between the server and the user.

Through Downloading

If you live in a nation where a particular YouTube video is banned, the next and easiest alternative is to download those videos. This is the safest and most secure way to view the restricted video. Different websites offer the feature of downloading a YouTube video. Copy and paste the Link in the bar on that site and download the video. You can copy the clip to your mobile or desktop device. 


Streaming banned videos on YouTube is not a problem because the solutions listed above describe how to watch blocked videos in your country. As a result, you must exercise caution when employing this strategy. I hope this advice was helpful and that you find the best way to access those videos to continue the fun. 

Noor Khan

Noor Khan


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