“I Forgot My Instagram Password, But I’m Logged In”; Proven Methods to Resolve Error

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October 23, 2023

We’ve all been there: a mini heart-attack moment when we realize we’ve forgotten a password. But what if you’re still logged into the account? Specifically, what if you’ve exclaimed, “I forgot my Instagram password but I’m logged in!”? No need to panic; we’ve got you covered. This article dives deep into quick fixes and preventive measures, ensuring you never face this sticky wicket again!

I Forgot My Instagram Password, But I’m Logged In

It’s a common issue many face. Before diving into solutions, let’s first understand why it happens. Maybe you’ve got a habit of using complex passwords (kudos!), or you rely too much on auto-save. Whatever the reason, knowing you’re not alone in this is somewhat comforting.

I Forgot My Instagram Password, But I'm Logged In

The Intricacies of Password Management

Auto-Save Features: Blessing or Curse?

Complexity vs. Memorability: Striking a Balance

Third-party Apps: A Breeding Ground for Forgetfulness

Is Staying Logged In Safe?

Pros of Constant Connectivity: Instant Notifications and Ease of Use

Cons and Potential Risks: Privacy Concerns and Potential Hacks

Recovery Steps for “I Forgot My Instagram Password But I’m Logged In”

Direct Recovery from the App

Instagram understands our human tendency to forget. The app provides a direct pathway for those logged in but clueless about their passwords.

Linking with Facebook for Swift Recovery

If your Instagram is linked to Facebook, your road to recovery is smooth as butter. Learn how to utilize this link for quick password retrieval.

Email Recovery: Old is Gold

While old-fashioned, email recovery is the most reliable method. Ensure your account’s linked email is always accessible.

SMS Recovery: Instant and Handy

In the age of smartphones, SMS recovery is a blessing. A quick code, and you’re back in the game!

For Android Users: I Forgot My Instagram Password But I’m Logged In Android

So you’re on Android, and you’ve hit this snag?

The Android Predicament

Android offers flexibility, but when it comes to this specific problem, the platform shares a solution fairly similar to other operating systems. Ever thought, “What’s the catch?” Let’s explore.

Navigating through Instagram on Android

Start by navigating to your profile and tap on the three vertical lines (hamburger menu). Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Security,’ and you’ll see the option to reset your password.

Still Can’t Remember?

If memory plays hard to get, opt for “Trouble Logging in?” You’ll be taken through a process that makes recovery a breeze.

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For iPhone Enthusiasts: I Forgot My Instagram Password But I’m Logged In iPhone.

Got an iPhone? Let’s get you sorted!

The iPhone Route

iPhones, known for their secure environment, surprisingly simplify the recovery process for Instagram.

Swift Steps on iOS

On your profile, find the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines). Tap it, choose ‘Settings’, then ‘Security,’ and ‘Password.’ Here, you can change your password with ease.

When Memory Eludes

Can’t recall the password yet? Fear not! “Trouble Logging in?” is your beacon of hope. Click on it and follow the cues.

Forgot Instagram Password and Email: What Next?

If you can’t remember both your password and the email you used to sign up, it becomes a bit tricky. Still, there’s hope:

Attempt the Recovery Through Phone Number: If you’ve linked your mobile number with your account, you can choose the SMS option during the password reset process.

Contact Instagram Support: If all else fails, it’s time to reach out to Instagram’s customer support. They will provide further instructions after verifying your identity.

Recover Instagram Account Without Email and Password

In some cases, users might not only forget their password but also lose access to their registered email. In such scenarios:

  • Go to the Instagram Login Page.
  • Click on ‘Forgot Password’.
  • Choose ‘Need more help?’: This option is typically available below the prompts for resetting through email or phone number.
  • Follow On-screen Instructions: Instagram will guide you through a series of verification steps to confirm your identity.

The 2023 Update: I Forgot My Instagram Password, But I’m Logged In 2023

How have things changed this year?

I Forgot My Instagram Password, But I'm Logged In

Instagram’s Latest Safety Protocols

2023 brought a wave of new security protocols. While these are designed to protect users, they can be confusing. Yet, the recovery process remains largely unaltered.

Riding the 2023 Wave

Keep an eye on Instagram’s updates. They’re notorious for making silent changes. Pro-tip: Set your account to receive notifications for any security changes.

Instagram Login: Keeping Your Account Secure

Once you’ve regained access to your account, it’s essential to ensure that your password is strong and unique. Additionally, always ensure your linked email account is accessible and consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security.


“I forgot my Instagram password but I’m logged in” is a hurdle many face, but as we’ve seen, not an insurmountable one. With the steps outlined, be it on Android, iPhone, or with the latest updates, you’re more than equipped to tackle this challenge head-on. Remember, as digital platforms evolve, security is paramount. So, while it’s essential to ensure that you can access your accounts, it’s equally vital to keep them secure.

In today’s digital landscape, even a minor oversight can lead to a major security breach. A company like Nextdoorsec offers expert cybersecurity solutions to protect your digital footprint and maintain your online safety. 


1. How do you change the Instagram password without the old password?

Start by going to the login page and clicking on “Forgot Password.” You’ll be prompted to enter your email or phone number linked to your account. Follow the instructions sent to you to reset your password.

2. How do I reset my Instagram password when logged in?

Go to your profile, tap on the three horizontal lines (menu), and then go to “Settings.” Under “Security,” you’ll find “Password.” Here, you can change your password.

3. Can I see my password for Instagram?

For security reasons, once the password is set, you can’t view it. However, you can reset it if you’ve forgotten it.

4. Why is the Instagram password reset not working?

There can be several reasons: the reset link might have expired, you might be facing network issues, or there may be a system error on Instagram’s end. Ensure you’re using the most recent reset link and that your account hasn’t been compromised.

5. How do you reset your Instagram password without email or phone number?

It’s challenging without access to either your email or phone number. However, you can try to recover your email account first or contact Instagram’s support team for assistance.

6. What to do when you forget your password on Instagram and it says no users found?

This could indicate a typo or that your account was deleted or suspended. Double-check the username you entered. If the issue persists, reach out to Instagram support for further guidance.

Aydan Arabadzha

Aydan Arabadzha


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