Leetcode vs Hackerrank vs Topcoder: Difference Explained

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August 1, 2021

Are you the one who wants to avail of a software development job? Or are you a recruiter looking forward to testing a developer? In either case, platforms like Leetcode and Topcoder could equally serve you. Leetcode vs Hackerrank vs Topcoder are platforms where developers can solve various complex scenarios to polish their skillset. This article is for you if you are searching for which one is best out of Leetcode vs Hackerrank vs Topcoder. Let’s jump into it.

What is Leetcode?

Leetcode is one popular online platform that focuses specifically on strengthening the skillset of software development and machine learning professionals. Recruiters from all over the world who represent different companies also use Leetcode to assess the best talent. This platform is available for free and also has a premium membership program. As of now, Leetcode is one of the most significant developer communities.

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Why choose Leetcode?

Leetcode is one renowned online platform for several reasons. It is not just a platform; it’s a community where there is so much for developers of all levels. Whether a beginner-level software guy or an experienced developer, you will find this platform equally helpful. This platform is challenging as several tests are offered on a reward basis. If you score well, you can earn rewards. So, we can conclude that it’s a unique platform where there is healthy competition for everyone.

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What is Hackerrank?

Just like Leetcode, Hackerrank is another online platform designed to help software gurus and developers practice the latest trends in the computer science industry. It’s for everyone meaning that individuals from all over the world can access it.  Some people assume that it’s a platform where people get to learn about hacking. In reality, it’s an online platform that aims to help software developers perform various technical assessment tests.


Why Use Hackerrank?

Hackerrank offers some great functionalities and an excellent initiative user interface for its users. Also, it’s one of the very first technical assessment platforms of its nature which got funded by some of the reputed startup accelerating companies. The best thing about this platform is that it has several tests designed for specific development-related tasks. From beginner-level candidates to experienced ones, each has its own designated tasks available to execute.

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What is Topcoder?

What we like about Topcoder is that it’s a free-to-use platform for nearly everyone. It lets you polish your coding skills in various ways for absolutely free. Its UI might not be easy for newbies, but it is not short of quizzes. There are plenty of them.


Why Use Topcoder?

As mentioned, even novices can utilize the full potential of Topcoder. It just depends on your skillset and how deep you want to go. There are no separate subscriptions. Once you sign up, you can explore the whole platform.


Now you don’t have to search more on “Leetcode vs Hackerrank for beginners.” Because all of the popular platforms we discuss have something unique to offer. If you are a beginner, you can go with Topcoder. 

Have all the expertise? Just signup on Leetcode and start exploring. If you are an intermediate-level coder, Hackerrank is the platform for you. In short, there are no limits; you have to define them on your own. There is nothing so wrong with all these options. Visit our blog for more tips and guides on ethical hacking and cyber security.

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