Best Hacking Games for Beginners You Must Play in 2023

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December 13, 2022

You are interested in hacking; you’re good at it, may have learned many professional skills, and think you are now a master of this skill. But to be a competitive and successful security professional, you also need the ongoing practice of your skills to use them ideally upon need without wasting any time. 

Playing hacking games for fun is surprisingly educative, too, especially if you are new in this field and have just started hacking. Best Hacking games for beginners come in handy in such a situation. Here is a list of hacking games online that you’ll enjoy and learn a lot from.

Best Hacking Games for Beginners

Best Hacking Games for Beginners

The concept of hacking simulator games is one that every prospective hacker should explore. These games aren’t simply a means to pass the time; they’re also an excellent method to practice your hacking skills. There are many different types of hacking games available. Still, all the best ones use hacking concepts and typically demand a high level of hacking expertise and method, allowing you to test your abilities. Let’s check them.

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Grey Hack

Grey Hack is one of the hacking games on our list with the most vivid visuals. The game has a primary Linux-like interface with specialized features and a command line. Users can install tools from the in-game network and utilize the command line to look for and exploit vulnerabilities.

Players must undergo several tutorials to advance, or you can also see tutorial videos to learn any hacking game. The game’s instructions are rather precise, giving the player the impression of being a hacker. 

Hack the Box

Hack the Box is more of a puzzle than a game. Although it provides several tips to assist in problem-solving, you must hack your path into the website only to find an invite key. It would be best if you had at least a fundamental understanding of web programming to access the platform. It is an online forum for sharing ideas and tips with other hackers to evaluate your penetration testing abilities. 

NITE Team 4

The game’s Learning Boot Camp combines real-world cybersecurity strategies making it very enjoyable and easy to use, even if you’ve never used a terminal before. You play the part of a hacker employed by a government in this hacking simulation game and enter action scenes as you carry out missions to aid the government. 

You may choose the tasks that attract you and monitor your performance at the mission portal. To help you tackle the challenging problems in the game, you may even form groups with other gamers.


The website HackThisSite offers exams and training about hacking. Users are first given objectives to complete, ranging in complexity from essential skills to more sophisticated ones. It also has groups where you can talk about riddles and answers. These will steadily increase complexity while preparing you for the next step with more complicated and realistic missions. 

This is worth trying if you’re looking for a free hacking game platform. It provides a secure and authorized training environment where hackers can test their ethical hacking abilities through tasks, CTFs, and other activities.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is an outdoor action-adventure game with hacking, fighting, and stealth elements. While racing, you can hack other vehicles in the game such that they lose power and crash in a matter of seconds. Gamers can also operate a drone in the game that can quickly scan any digital device and hack them. 

Users must solve a few basic riddles during the hacking process that don’t relate to hacking and eventually become uninteresting. However, the game gives you various options for completing a mission, most of which involve being subtle. Although the plot and characters are not as compelling as those in the original game, the extra features and sense of humor make the game enjoyable.

Uplink is a video game that simulates computer hacking, as shown in movies. It begins with a fiction mode in which you take on the character of an officer whose duties include performing hacking operations for large businesses.

As the agent grows in this profession and gets paid for his activities, you can update your systems and software, refine your talents, and raise your agent level.


Hackmud is one of the few multiplayer hacking games right now, and the creators are always coming up with new community activities to make the content exciting. 

This javascript programming game mainly emphasizes database administration and Javascript. It teaches you how to hack secured systems by completing riddles during offline gaming. Players can create programs to deceive other players and secure their earnings when playing online.

Bandit – OverTheWire

Bandit – OverTheWire is a perfect game for beginners. You can play this hacking simulator game as long as you have the technical skills. This game is ideal for those who have always wanted to try hacking but don’t have enough skills. You will learn quite a bit during the game, so your skill level will increase significantly.


Best Hacking Games for Beginners

PicoCTF is a free hacking game for kids with several puzzles focused on an engaging plot. It delivers various tasks with different plots that require hacking to complete. It includes security flaws and reverse engineering threats. Hackers can participate in yearly tournaments on the website for rewards.


One of the earliest fake hacking games on our list is Hacknet. Although some of the game’s techniques may appear old, it is an excellent game for understanding traditional network fundamentals. The game lets you try out various methods, which might need to be clarified for those new to hacking.

The game gives several essential tools, such as a backdrop switcher or a music player, that give you the impression that you are working on a different computer in addition to the hacking tools.


My list of the best hacking simulator games is now complete! Whether you’re searching for a hacking game that plays like hacking in films or a more practical hacking experience related to penetration testing in an actual scenario, I expect you’ve got the game you’re searching for.

Noor Khan

Noor Khan


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