How to Become an Ethical Hacker for Beginners?

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October 23, 2022

Many individuals are interested in hacking because of their excellent computer knowledge, but they don’t give it a try because they think it is illegal. Yes, hacking is illegal, but there is a type that isn’t illegal, i.e., ethical hacking. In fact, ethical hackers are very demanding in every business.

You must have heard about the penetration test, the most critical test to ensure the cybersecurity of one’s company. Ethical hackers are the one that carries out pen test. Sounds exciting, right, but don’t know how to start? Well, here is your lead. This article will help you how to become an ethical hacker for beginners.

Ethical Hackers

How to Become an Ethical Hacker for Beginners?

It is necessary to find areas where the security mechanisms are vulnerable to strengthen internet security. Cybersecurity experts who can breach security systems are known as ethical hackers. They analyze computer systems and attempt to break into them to access confidential data.

An ethical hacker’s primary goal is to ensure the computer networks they use are secure and cannot be tracked without permission. Since they play a significant part in deciding their company’s or client’s security requirements, they must know the new technologies and information that might enhance system security.

They prepare reports outlining their attempts to break into the system and the assessments they’ve made of how well the security measures are working.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker for Beginners?

Both technical and interpersonal abilities are necessary to become an ethical hacker. Ethical hackers must also be competent and intelligent problem solvers. They must be able to express themselves clearly in speech and writing.

Even some morally responsible hackers have a “social engineering” specialty. They attempt to convince individuals to give them the information they require rather than hacking a system digitally.

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Get a Degree

The best method to become an ethical hacker is to get a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, such as computer science. You can:

  • Obtain an IT security certification
  • Enroll in a four-year computer science school
  • Enroll in a two-year program with a major in IT research and security.

Learn Skills

You still need to learn basic computer skills if you can’t get a degree. Computer programming knowledge and proficiency in various programming languages are necessary for ethical hackers. 

Employers frequently demand that ethical hackers hold the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) registration and other reputable certificates, like CompTIA, that qualify them to operate as cyber security specialists. 

Skills you Need to Become an Ethical Hacker

Skills you Need to Become an Ethical Hacker

Technical Skills

  • Most importantly, you must be eager to learn new skills to be an ethical hacker. 
  • You must possess a solid fundamental knowledge of at least one programming or scripting language. 
  • You must have a deep understanding of computer systems and how they operate. 
  • Basic knowledge of widely used protocols like TCP/IP and Ethernet. 
  • Additionally, you must be aware of various forms of wireless systems, like gateways, switches, and modems.

So if you want to start right away learn as many techniques as you can, here are some things to follow:

  • Learn markup
  • Learn programming (Coding)
  • Learn fundamentals of Operating System
  • Learn the basics of security and networking

Programming Skills

There is no need to be an expert programmer, but you should know at least one popular language, Python or Java, to write code. The skill to create code is a must for ethical hacking; hence it is not optional.

Analytical Skills

A key component of ethical hacking is finding original answers to challenging issues. If hacking became simple, networks would always be unprotected. You must locate entry points into the network that the managers and designers didn’t consider.

Communication Skills

It would be best if you effectively described a weakness to the individuals who can resolve it. This involves producing concise reports and speeches. 

Ethical hacking is a combination of hard and soft capabilities. The career is challenging, but it also appeals to many people.

Tips to Become an Ethical Hacker for Beginners

  • Learn daily through reading articles, videos, slides, books, etc., and practice your knowledge by getting help through various tutorial videos.
  • Learn from yourself because you cannot solve problems until you learn from your own experience.
  • Before moving further, specify your goal. 
  • Get a deeper understanding of the target’s network to clarify your objective.
  • Spend considerable time and effort figuring out who your audience is and what services they need.
  • Avoid being stereotypical and choose a path no one else chooses.
  • Think creatively, and consider what the developer could have overlooked.
  • Consider the targets of the average person, and then decide on your course of action.
  • Start a group or sign up for platforms to engage in talks with other hackers from around the world to share information and collaborate.


The experience of ethical hacking is enjoyable and engaging and will remain with you for your whole life. Hacking a network or server for good may be thrilling, and you can develop your abilities to the level where you’re constantly one step ahead of unauthorized attackers. It is not difficult to become an ethical hacker for beginners if you are passionate and eager enough to learn everything.  

Noor Khan

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