Best Penetration Testing Courses You Need to Enroll in 2023

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December 11, 2022

Penetration testing is the most effective way to check out any flaw in a company’s security system. Penetration testing experts are in high demand, and you may also be wondering how to get into penetration testing. Taking one of the best penetration testing courses is the most common way rather than tiring yourself in reading complex penetration testing books.

Numerous courses are available in the market nowadays, making it very difficult to decide which one will be worth selecting. That is why I have put together a list of the best courses to help you choose the one that suits you most. 

Penetration Testing

Best Penetration Testing Courses

This testing investigates potential weaknesses in computer systems, networks, or online programs. Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, can be done manually or automatically using a program (s). The process of pen testing using automatic tools is known as DAST. 

It is challenging to decide which is best among dast vs. penetration testing. Some penetration testers prefer a combination of both automatic and manual skills. The course mentioned below will elaborate on both in detail so you can decide for yourself. 

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Best Penetration Testing Courses

If you’re struggling with how to become a penetration tester, let’s move to the following list. All courses 

mentioned here are worth taking. 


The International Committee of E-commerce consultants, usually EC-Council, is the world’s biggest professional certifying agency for cybersecurity. They offer more than 20 comprehensive cybersecurity courses without cost and multiple paid courses. They offer courses according to your expertise; you can start from beginner to expert level. 

After every course, you will also get a certificate that worldwide govt agencies recognize. With this planned and controlled learning opportunity, you can spend just for the qualifications and career paths you require. 


The SANS Institute provides a dual penetration testing course. Within this course, you will be given virtual computers installed with the relevant ethical hacking tools. Furthermore, the course includes hacking projects, videos, reference papers, and exercises to enrich your learning experience.

Before enrolling, this course requires a fundamental understanding of Windows and Linux, as well as a basic grasp of TCP/IP. Once inside, it comprises around 30 lab tasks that include not only the methods but also the tools frequently used by penetration testers in major businesses. You will also perform a final penetration test on a demo organization.


The stationX is one of the most trustworthy platforms that offers a thorough and affordable penetration testing course. It is a high-rated platform where you can learn from scratch and become an expert. More than 140 courses of on-demand online tutorials, papers, and other materials are available to help you become a cybersecurity expert. 

You may register for a single course separately for a single payment, or you can register for an annual subscription that allows you complete access to all courses on the site. Since 1999, stationX has been a significant source of cybersecurity courses, consulting, and services for both experts and beginners. 


The Udemy course has over 90 lectures on website hacking and bug detection, ranging from basic ideas to expert classes. Identifying blind spots and learning how to scan websites for critical data can assist you in becoming a penetration tester. 

Udemy includes courses on anything from website and system hacking to penetration testing in Python and Metasploit. All courses have different prices and are insured by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Coursera is another valuable platform that offers different courses, including penetration testing. It is an online course with a professional certificate and is part of IBM’s cybersecurity analyst professional certificate program. 

This course covers the basics about:

  •  Various levels of penetration testing
  • Java and python
  • Collecting data from the test
  • Recording Bug detection and evaluation
  • Fundamentals of scripting and digital documentation

This course is excellent for newbies looking to learn the fundamentals of pen testing at their speed. The course includes various helpful references and information to help beginners become familiar with the subject. After this course, you will be qualified for the IBM digital badge.


The CompTIA training and certification program focuses on security solutions and penetration testing in the cloud and hybrid systems. The course is self-paced and engaging, allowing you to adjust your training process. 

You will study organizing and targeting, acquiring information, and carrying out actions.

The course has no prerequisites, although prior security experience is suggested before taking the certification test. This course is suitable for people who desire complete the CompTIA+ certificate program using hybrid learning approaches.


Hackersploit offers penetration testing Bootcamp, which is a detailed and complete course on ethical hacking and penetration testing designed for beginners to experts. The step-by-step videos are also available, which are of great practical help. This course will teach you the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including:

  • Terminologies
  • Methodology
  • Data collecting stratagies
  • Network monitoring
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Firewall detection
  • Attack plans 


The penetration testing course offered by edX is part of nine course series of the cybersecurity fundamentals micro-bachelor program. It teaches how to detect potentially vulnerable parts and how to penetrate them, along with how to analyze security testing results. The training is structured into the following penetration testing stages:

  • Highlighting the procedures, goals, and legal consequences of penetration tests.
  • Observation or data collection on the targeted network
  • Threat modeling and vulnerability scanning are used to devise attack strategies for network access and complex password breaches.


INFOSEC offers a 10-day boot course that teaches all you need to know regarding penetration testing, from network spying tools to creating unique nil buffer breach hacks. This course aims to teach you a consistent, verifiable penetration testing approach that you may apply in an ethical pen testing or attacking scenario.

Offensive Security

Best Penetration Testing Courses

The penetration course offered by Offensive Security is part of OSCP, one of the most well-known cybersecurity licenses with a monitored 24-hour test. You will get access to OSCP test devices and instructions from experts who conducted this course. You will also have an 850-page learning resource package and access to student forums and virtual lab settings.


Above are the best penetration testing courses offered by the most trustworthy platforms and conducted by the most experienced professionals. Find your skill level and choose which course is best suitable for you. After completing a course from any forum, you can verify your cybersecurity skills to get cloud penetration testing certification from an authorized organization. For further assistance, you can also take cloud penetration testing training on that platform. 


1. Is there a high demand for penetration testers?

Yes, with the rise in cyber threats, the demand for penetration testers is continually increasing.

2. What certifications do penetration testers need?

Popular certifications include CEH, OSCP, and CompTIA PenTest+, though specific requirements can vary.

3. Do penetration testers need a degree?

While beneficial, a degree is not always mandatory. Practical experience and certifications often hold significant value.

4. Is penetration testing a good career?

Absolutely! It offers competitive salaries, continual learning, and a crucial role in cybersecurity.

5. What are the best penetration testing courses on Reddit?

Reddit has several subreddits where users discuss and recommend the best penetration testing courses based on their experiences.

6. Where can I find the best penetration testing courses for free?

There are several online platforms like Cybrary and OWASP that offer quality penetration testing courses for free.

7. What are the best penetration testing courses for beginners?

For newcomers, courses like “Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking” on Cybrary or “Metasploit Unleashed” are often recommended.

8. Is there a dedicated penetration testing course for beginners?

Yes, many platforms offer courses tailored specifically for beginners, ensuring a foundational understanding before diving deeper.

9. Which are the best pentesting certifications for beginners?

CompTIA PenTest+ and eLearnSecurity’s eJPT are great starting points for beginners in penetration testing.

10. Can I take a penetration testing course for free?

Absolutely, many platforms offer free courses, though advanced training or certifications might come at a cost.

11. Where can I find a reliable penetration testing course online?

Platforms like Udemy, Cybrary, and Coursera have a wide range of online penetration testing courses catering to different skill levels.

12. How can I get penetration testing training and certification?

Start with a foundational course, practice in safe environments, and then pursue recognized certifications from institutions like EC-Council (CEH) or Offensive Security (OSCP).

13. What are some of the best PenTesting tools available?

Tools like Metasploit, Burp Suite, and Nmap are widely recognized as top penetration testing tools in the cybersecurity industry.

14. Which is the best Penetration Testing certification?

While “best” depends on career goals, the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) are highly regarded in the industry.

Noor Khan

Noor Khan


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