How to Find Deleted Videos on Chromebook?

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January 24, 2023

Chromebook is becoming popular over the days, and many individuals are now switching to them. 

Despite its simplicity, adjusting to Chrome OS can be challenging, particularly if you are switching from Windows, whose functions like the Recycle Bin have been there for over decades. 

In the start, you may need help finding many features and adjusting to their characteristics. Such as, you may have deleted an important video and now need help finding out. If you are wondering how to find deleted videos on Chromebook, here is your guide.

How to Find Deleted Videos on Chromebook

How to Find Deleted Videos on Chromebook?

How do I recover deleted videos in Chrome? Where deleted files on a Chromebook go. Is there a way to recover deleted Files on Chromebook? They’re gone permanently if you remove that pop group. ChromeOS is a cloud-oriented system that pays little attention to local data. 

ChromeOS systems, unlike others, do not have a recycling bin. This is because all content on the Chromebook is saved on cloud services such as Google Photos and Google Drive. Google has declared that there will be a Recycle Bin on Chromebooks too. However, you have to manually activate it since it is not included by default on your system, here is how.

How to Enable Recycle Bin on Chromebook?

Take the following steps to set up Trash Bin on a Chromebook:

  • Start Chrome on your Chromebook.
  • Add chrome://flags in the Address box.
  • Look for the Permit Data Trash switch.
  • When asked, allow the mark and reboot the Chromebook.
  • When you open Files, you notice a recycle bin on the left side.
  • You’ll now see the Move to Trash and Delete options upon right-clicking a file. 

Once you select Delete, the item is removed as requested. On the other hand, if you select Move to Trash, the item will be saved in the Recycle bin for 30 days. The item will be lost permanently if you do not recover it within that time. 

Therefore, do not consider the Trash bin as a long-term backup system for data you might or might not require. Instead, think of it as a place to save data you won’t require but want to save for a brief time for the safe side. Even though it isn’t a huge deal or a compromise, it’s a modest technique to change your Chromebook into an even more efficient system.

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How to Restore Deleted Files on Chromebook?

You shouldn’t be concerned if you’ve activated Google Sync since you can restore lost data from Google Drive, like your videos. But, if you have not activated sync or the Google Drive capacity is insufficient to restore your content, you could never restore lost data on your Chromebook.

Likewise, to Google Photos, all discarded items from Cloud Storage can be recovered in the Recycle bin. But they are only there for a total of 30 days. They will then be permanently gone, and you’ll never be able to restore them.

Data Recovery Program

Although the Chromebook contains built-in RAM, more is needed for most people. As a result, they use an SD card to expand the memory storage of their Chromebook. If the videos or documents you deleted on the Chromebook were saved on an additional SSD, you can recover them with a data recovery program.

Because a Chromebook may not be capable of running data recovery programs, you must have a Mac or Windows computer with a good data recovery program.

Then, using a converter, attach the SSD to the laptop and conduct a scanning with the data recovery program on it. This could take a while, but data recovery programs will undoubtedly assist you in recovering deleted videos from Memory cards, provided they have not been corrupted.

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Re-download the Video

If you’ve downloaded a video from Chrome, you can re-download the content to recover it since the downloaded URL is kept regardless of whether the downloaded content is deleted.

Once you recover a document or folder from the Recycle bin, ChromeOS restores it to its previous location. Suppose you recovered deleted media from the folder “videos”; ChromeOS will restore the videos to that folder. When recovering an item from the Recycle bin, you should check its previous position. So, when you retrieve the data from the trash, you’ll know precisely where to look for it.


Chromebooks, unlike Windows and Macs, do not have a recycle bin. Once a file is erased from local storage, it is permanently destroyed. But don’t worry; if you’ve enabled auto sync, a copy of that file will be available on Google Drive. You may quickly retrieve the necessary file on your Chromebook from there. Also, I suggest you activate the Trash Bin as I described earlier. It will ensure you never lose any important items from your Chromebook again.

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