How to Secure a Youtube Channel in 2023

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November 30, 2022

Youtube is an excellent platform for promoting your brand. People set up different channels with YouTube extensions and notifications to reach a wider audience. Due to its vast global audience, it remains a continuous target by cybercriminals, so how to secure a Youtube channel? 

In past years there have been relatively more incidents of youtube channel hacking. Therefore the team now gives more attention to youtube security concerns.

Why is it Important to Secure a Youtube Channel?

How to Secure a Youtube Channel

Millions of Youtube users are so obsessed with searching for the next viral sensation that they ignore the risk of cyberattacks they may encounter at any time. Users get busy making unique Youtube studio content that they don’t consider security issues. They search for “is youtube being hacked right now,” if not, then they don’t bother with such matters at all. 

Securing a Youtube channel should be the main focus of every user because if a hacker gets access to your channel, you will lose your channel and many more things. It can affect your reputation and personal information, including email, contact number, address, bank account detail, and many more. So it is better to be secure now instead of regretting later. 

How to Secure a Youtube Channel?

Accessing your account is easier than you thought due to advanced cyberattacking methods like social engineering and many others. So how to secure a Youtube channel from hackers? You can implement several security precautions to keep your channel safe from hackers. 

Youtube has also mentioned some of the primary steps on its official site. Most have a specific connection to Google account protection; let’s check them individually.

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Password Protection

The most crucial step to secure your Youtube channel is to protect your password, which can be done in several ways. 

  • Firstly, set a strong password containing letters, numbers, uppercase, etc., unique from your other accounts.
  • The chances of hacking are more if you use an easy and the same password for all of your accounts. Hackers can hack your account on a less secure website, and if you use the same password for your google account, you are at high risk of being hacked.
  • It may sound cliche but regularly changing your password is also an excellent step to keep your account safe. 
  • Do not share your password with anyone else, even if you work in a team. 
  • When you sign in from someone else’s device, disable the option “remember my password.”

Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Activating 2FA allows you to secure your account in two ways. Along with the password, you can add confidential information like a text on your phone or a secret key on another device to confirm your identity.

Use Advance Protection Program

Considering the advanced protection program is helpful for extra security level. The Advanced Protection Program protects individuals with confidential material and high visibility from malicious online threats. 

Be Careful When Signing In with a New Device

Nowadays, it is common to have more than one device, like a phone, laptop, tab, smartwatch, etc. However, it is convenient to log in to your account from all devices to control your channel, but it’s not a wise choice. Your channel will be compromised if any device has malware, making it more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Carefully Use a Browser

How to Secure a Youtube Channel

Be careful while using any browser, do not mix personal and professional accounts, and keep them separate. For Google Chrome, you can create a new profile to use specifically for the Youtube channel. Do not add unnecessary extensions or Apps, and find a way to lock this new profile. You should remove all the extra apps and extensions that give a third-party access to your account. 

Not all extensions are safe, and the same goes for apps; they may be a source of cyberattacks to hack your accounts. To view all downloaded and existing plugins on the Browser, go to Menu > More Tools > Extensions. With only one click, you can deactivate or delete the selected one. 

Google Recovery Form

Completing your Google account recovery form is one of the critical steps to secure your Youtube channel. You may find it uncomfortable to provide your contact number to the company, but it comes in handy when someone tries to reach your account illegally. 

Be Aware of Cyberattacks

Get a thorough knowledge of different ways of cyberattacks. If you know enough about the different methods a cybercriminal uses to access your account, you can easily protect yourself from trapping in those attacks. Such as being cautious of spammy emails asking for personal details offering something alluring, links, and attachments bringing malware to your system and damaging it. 


If you are just a viewer, then there is no need to worry about if you can get hacked by watching a Youtube video. But if you want to share your content with others, you should know how to create a secure Youtube channel and a safe name and reputation. Following the above-mentioned basic steps, you can remain safe in this digital world full of cybercriminals and secure your Youtube channel. 

Noor Khan

Noor Khan


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