“Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Email” What to Do?

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February 19, 2023

As one of the most famous and extensively used social media networks, Instagram has set various limits to its features. You won’t be able to log in to your Instagram profile. To stop unauthorized access to your account, you would periodically need to complete the exact phone authentication process for your current account. And what if Instagram never actually sends a security code? 

However, Instagram is only sometimes the problem; occasionally, individuals can have issues from their side. If you face the “Instagram not sending security code to email” issue, here are some valuable tips to resolve the issue.

“Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Email” What to Do?

Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Email

Billion people throughout the world are using Instagram. However, technology may often get in the path of itself. The users may experience problems accessing the Instagram app, and they ask Why is my Instagram security code not sending? Let’s see what you can do in such a situation.

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Recheck your Email Adress

Why am I not getting my Instagram verification code email? The first step in resolving the problem is double-checking that you have entered the accurate email address in the information. Check everything thoroughly to make sure there are no issues.

Check your Internet Connection

Many people face this issue since they need steady internet service. Ensure your network is stable first. You can also use any application to verify your network and internet performance.

Re-login to your Email Account

Reload your email account to load any recent emails; otherwise, log out of your account and log in after some time. Sometimes the server of your email account could be down, unable to receive new emails. Re-login could resolve such issues in most cases.

Check Spam Folder

Sometimes you may receive a mail containing Instagram verification code text in another folder like spam, junk, or another folder in which you have set a filter. Check every folder in your email account to see if they contain the email you’re searching for. 

Change IP Address

Try authentication from a different PC or IP address to see if it resolves the issue with Instagram not sending the security code to your email. Instagram often blocks specific IP addresses, particularly ones used for phishing. 

Additionally, if a user logs into multiple Instagram profiles using a single browser, Instagram flags your device and profile for suspicious behavior.

Try Using a Mobile Number

There are usually two options to request a verification code. You already know how to get an Instagram security code via email; another is through your phone number. If you’re not getting an email with the verification code, try using the number. 

If Instagram is still not sending security code sms to the phone, then there could be an issue with the Instagram server. Wait for some time and try again later to request a verification code again. 

Login with your Facebook Account

If you’re using the mobile app, tap the switch account link at the center of the screen. There will be a new page. Remove the credentials and empty the textbox field. After that, sign in by clicking “Log in with Facebook” and entering your Fb account credentials.

Inactivate VPN

The VPN allows you to change your device. As a result, it may mark your attempt to sign in to Instagram while the VPN is enabled and request you for confirmation.

You should try registering into your Instagram account while turning off the VPN on your device to save yourself the trouble. Since you currently log into your profile using a known IP address, it might not request a security code.

Try Incognito Mode

Your Internet protocol could not comply with Instagram’s rules and regulations, which would prevent your email from obtaining the access code for Instagram.

Use the incognito mode on your smartphone or web browser to prevent Instagram security code errors.

Clear Cache

Your app’s storage cache may include erroneous data, which would explain why it isn’t requesting your security code from the Instagram network. If Instagram is not sending sms codes on iPhone, the solution is relatively easy. 

Delete the app and download it again from the App Store if you use Insta on an iPhone.

You do not have to remove the app to clean the cache on Android. 

  • Tap Apps after opening the Settings screen. 
  • Choose to See all applications before selecting Instagram. 
  • Tap Storage & cache hit Clear cache, and tap Clear memory to finish.

Report Instagram

Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Email

If none of the Instagram verification code hack, there may be an issue from your side. Give the Instagram server some time if there are any technical difficulties. If the problem persists after some time, report to the service desk to resolve it.


That’s all there is to it. You are now aware of every solution you could try to address the issue of “Instagram not sending security code to email.” 

These solutions are efficient and start working right away. However, if you continue to experience this, get in touch with Instagram for assistance.

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