Fix “Sorry, Something Went Wrong” Facebook Error in 2023

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December 10, 2022

Facebook is the oldest and the most popular social media platform that has been in trend for ages. Unlike other recent platforms that are generally popular among the young generation, FB has users of almost every age, from kids to elders. Although the platforms updates according to the modern trend, a common error, “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later,” is encountered by almost every user at one stage or another. 

There is no need to worry about this issue; there are several ways through which you can resolve this error on your own. Let’s check them in the following.

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Fix “Sorry, Something Went Wrong” Facebook Error 

Here we will cover the primary ways you may try if your Facebook keeps saying something went wrong. Before proceeding to anything, ensure that the Fb server is doing fine; there could be an issue from their side. If not, then try to do the following.

Refresh the Page

Sorry, Something Went Wrong

The most basic solution when something goes wrong on Facebook is to refresh your page. Click the refresh icon on the left of the URL box on your browser. Or click the F5 key on your device. There could be a drop in internet signal, especially when you try to upload any media, so reloading it a couple of times can resolve the issue. 

Check your Internet Connection

Run a speed test on your computer to ensure that your internet connection is stable and all good. The internet device to which your system is connected can be the reason for an error in your Facebook newsfeed or other issues. Restart your device, reconnect to the internet and check if your problem gets resolved. 

Check Out for Updates

Using an older version of the app or even the browser can also cause different errors in loading your account. So if you get a Facebook error, “oops, something went wrong,” repeatedly, try checking your app and browser for any recent updates. If there are any, update them; otherwise, move on to other solutions.

Sign Out and then Sign In Again

Another reason for FB’s “sorry, something went wrong” error is a temporary issue in your account. Sometimes your account stops working suddenly due to some temporary technical problem, which you can resolve by signing in again to your account. 

If reloading the page doesn’t work, try to sign out of your account and sign in again. 

Clear the Browser Cache

Cache memory is where your browser data is stored on your computer. It helps the browser to load the sites that you regularly visit quickly. However, if the information is gathered for a prolonged period, it may slow down your browser speed, interrupting your page and resulting in Facebook “something went wrong error.” Go to your browser settings and clear cache and cookies. After cleaning your browser data, refresh the page and try again to check if the issue is resolved.

Disable Browser Extensions

Conflicts between the Facebook user and particular extensions you just installed to your browser might cause issues. Therefore, turn off these extensions and tools when facebook says something went wrong. 

Change your Facebook Account Password

Sometimes you continuously face an error loading page, and your Facebook gets blocked; a simple trick works in such a case. Try changing your Fb password on another device. Although it may seem foolish that the Facebook network prevents you from signing in, it works.

Disable VPN

Sorry, Something Went Wrong

VPNs are the third-party apps on your devices to secure your system. As it works by changing your IP address for security purposes, it may make your connection unstable resulting in particular errors like Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again on Messenger, etc. Disabling VPN can sometimes resolve such an issue; try this to see if it works. 

Use Another Browser

Each browser has its algorithm to read a website’s code to load it. There could be a problem in the browser you are using to read the website code, causing specific errors. Try to run your account on a different browser you are already using.

Contact the Facebook Support Team

If you still face the issue after trying every possible solution, contact the Facebook support team to report the issue and let them handle it. When reporting a problem, provide essential information such as your account details, browser, and content you cannot load.


Various causes might contribute to the Facebook “Sorry Something Went Wrong” issue. These factors range from a simple browser issue or a dysfunctional plugin to a conflict Facebook network problem.

Some users may avoid the problem by just reloading their website or ensuring that their internet connection is working correctly. Others are not so fortunate and must try several ways to resolve the issue. But there is nothing to worry about; the above solutions work in most cases. If not, contacting the FB support team will resolve your issue. 

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