Twitter Too Many Password Reset Attempts: How to Fix

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July 15, 2023

Ever found yourself locked out of your own Twitter account, with a message flashing on your screen saying, “Twitter too many password reset attempts?” As bewildering as it may seem, you’re not alone. Many users have experienced this issue. This common yet perplexing issue leaves many users stuck and helpless, struggling to regain access to their accounts. But what does it mean, and how can you fix it? Stay with us as we unravel the mystery.

Understanding the Twitter Login Conundrum

Twitter Too Many Password Reset Attempts

In an attempt to ensure security, Twitter has a mechanism in place that temporarily locks your account if it notices suspicious activity, including too many password reset attempts. While this feature protects you from potential threats, it can also leave you in a predicament when you genuinely forget your password.

When you’ve exceeded your password reset attempts, you might find yourself stuck when trying to use Twitter to log in, even if you’re using the Twitter mobile web or the Twitter mobile login interface. It’s not only an issue when trying to log in to Twitter through the usual means but also when attempting to log in with Twitter on third-party sites.

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Twitter Too Many Password Reset Attempts: How to Fix

You’ve forgotten your password. You tried resetting it, but lo and behold, you’re hit with a “too many password reset attempts” error. What gives?

The problem arises as a security measure. Twitter limits password reset attempts to prevent potential hackers from accessing your account. So, let’s explore how to overcome this issue.

Understanding the Root Cause

Usually, the password reset limit is refreshed every hour. If you’ve hit the limit, take a deep breath, step back, and wait. Meanwhile, it’s essential to understand why Twitter has such a policy.

Recognising Twitter’s Security Measures

Twitter implements several security measures to protect your account. The limitation on password reset attempts is one of them. While frustrating, it’s essentially a safeguard against brute-force attacks.

Waiting it Out: Patience is a Virtue.

Once you’ve hit the limit, the best course of action is to wait an hour before attempting another reset. This allows the system to refresh and accept new requests.

Check Your Email: The Unsuspected Lifeline

While you wait, check your email inbox and spam folder for a reset link. Sometimes, amidst our haste, we overlook the arrival of this crucial email.

The Role of TweetDeck in Your Twitter Experience

When discussing Twitter, it’s hard not to mention TweetDeck. It’s a dashboard application that provides a more organised view of your Twitter activities. How does it relate to our main issue? Let’s dive in.

What is TweetDeck?

Twitter Too Many Password Reset Attempts

TweetDeck is a Twitter tool that helps manage, track, and engage with your Twitter sphere. It allows users to view multiple timelines in one interface, making it a valuable tool for Twitter power users.

TweetDeck Apps: Enhancing User Experience

TweetDeck apps further enrich your Twitter experience. They provide greater control over your activities on the platform, including tweet scheduling, monitoring hashtags, managing lists, and much more.

The Art of Twitter Login: Breaking it Down

Understanding how to log into Twitter properly might seem trivial. However, it plays a vital role in circumventing issues like “too many password reset attempts”. Here’s a look at how to smoothly navigate Twitter login.

Twitter Sign In: Step-by-Step

Signing into Twitter is a breeze if you know the right steps. Go to the login page, enter your username or email and password, and voila – you’re in!

Twitter Mobile Login: On-the-Go Access

Accessing Twitter on your mobile device is just as simple. Download the Twitter app, navigate to the mobile site and follow the same login steps.

Log in with Twitter: A Universal Key

Many sites offer the “Log in with Twitter” option, allowing you to access their services using your Twitter credentials. This saves you from remembering countless usernames and passwords.

Maintaining Secure Access

Once you’ve navigated past the “Twitter too many password reset attempts” issue, it’s important to avoid future occurrences. Here are a few suggestions to maintain secure access to your Twitter account and your TweetDeck app:

Consistent Password Practices

Avoid frequently changing your passwords. If you must, use a secure password manager to remember them.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter Too Many Password Reset Attempts

This adds an extra layer of security and reduces the chances of your account being locked.

Avoid Suspicious Activity

Attempting to log in to your account from multiple devices in a short time can trigger Twitter’s security protocols.


Dealing with the “Twitter too many password reset attempts” issue can be frustrating, but it’s not an insurmountable problem. The best approach is to be patient and wait for the lockout period to pass before trying again, ensuring that you have accurate account information and a secure connection. This issue is a reminder of the importance of maintaining strong, unique passwords and regularly updating them to ensure your account stays secure.

This is exactly where cybersecurity firms like Nextdoorsec can make a big difference. They can guide you through such complex issues and help you fortify your online presence.


1. What happens when Twitter makes too many attempts to reset passwords?

When too many password reset attempts are made on Twitter, it triggers a temporary lockout as a security measure. You won’t be able to reset your password during this lockout period.

2. Why is Twitter not letting me reset my password?

This could be due to an incorrect email or phone number, a problem with the password reset email, excessive password reset attempts, or technical issues on Twitter’s end.

3. Why can’t I login to Twitter?

Logging-in issues could arise from forgotten passwords, too many failed login attempts, entering incorrect credentials, account suspension or deactivation, or technical issues on your device or Twitter’s servers.

4. Why am I seeing a “Too many password reset attempts” error on Twitter?

This error appears when you’ve attempted to reset your password too many times within a short span. It’s a security measure Twitter employs to protect user accounts.

5. How long should I wait before attempting another password reset?

Typically, you should wait for an hour. This duration allows the system to refresh and accept new password reset attempts.

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