Why isn’t Facebook Sending a Code to My Phone; What to Do?

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February 19, 2023

Recovering a Fb account is a very simple task that entails using a passcode issued to the mail or contact number to verify the ownership of the account. Unfortunately, there are instances where Facebook fails to provide the code for various reasons. In such a situation, you may wonder why isn’t Facebook sending a code to my phone; what to do? Continue reading to get your answers and solutions. 

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Why isn’t Facebook Sending a Code to My Phone?

Why isn't Facebook Sending a Code to My Phone

You might not get the Facebook 6-digit code for several reasons. Here are some typical causes:

  • It’s typically a setup issue, an email problem, or a mobile issue if you find a notification instructing you to confirm the code on your phone or email. But you are not getting verification code texts. 
  • If you receive a warning stating that you’ve asked for so many codes, it indicates you have been blocked from the network, and Facebook won’t send a code to the phone. You must wait 24 hours to request a new code.
  • Facebook networks have a bug that is impacting everybody, not just you.
  • There are problems with your email service or phone network carrier.
  • Because you typed in the incorrect contact number or email address.
  • The system is no longer online. Thus, the mail App isn’t showing you any recently received mail.
  • Your mail App or mobile network carrier sent the incoming email or text to a junk or restricted text groups.

Let’s talk about how to identify and deal with the primary causes of the issue now that we know what they are.

What to do if Facebook not Sending a Confirmation Code?

Follow the steps below to solve the Facebook confirmation code not sending issue.

Check all your Devices

Simple inspections can save lots of work and time. Start by performing the following tests:

  • If you want to get the code through email, ensure your web server is functioning correctly.
  • Ensure there is no connection loss if you choose to get the passcode on the smartphone. 
  • Additionally, check to ensure that your phone’s memory is not full, flight mode is not activated, and there are no other comparable problems.
  • To resolve minor issues, restart your mail server or mobile application. 
  • If your iPhone is not receiving verification texts, finish setting it up by restarting it. 
  • If the VPN is activated, turn it off.

Ensure Fb Server is Running Correctly

Facebook mechanically delivers the security code; no physical intervention is necessary on the receiving device. So first and most importantly, ensure Facebook’s system isn’t the cause of the issue. 

Verify that the company’s servers are operating normally and fully operational. Search for any disruptions other Facebook users mentioned as the best way to check that.

You can check it on several websites. If there are more reported errors than usual, there may be an issue on the server. So, all you have to do is wait for Them to fix the problem.

Check your Mail and Mobile Server

Facebook may have sent you the passcode, but it has yet to arrive in your mailbox due to a problem with your email app or cellphone service carrier. 

Similarly, request your friend to message you to check out any possible cell connection issues. The service can be down if your buddy sends you an SMS, but you still need to get them.

Recheck your Contact Information

When your phone is not receiving verification texts, it may be because you need to provide the correct details. It’s possible that Facebook provided the security code through email or mobile contact, but you didn’t get it. 

Because when you asked Facebook for the code, you provided incorrect information. You must verify that the contact information you supplied is accurate. 

Double Check your Junk or Spam Folder

Check your email account’s junk folder and the device’s protected message groups to find the security code. If you do, add FB messages and emails to your filter so that they always get straight to your inbox.

Check Out Fb Setting to Confirm 2FA Activation.

Why isn't Facebook Sending a Code to My Phone

When two-factor authentication is activated, you’ll get a passcode to verify that you’re allowed to log into Fb. You probably deactivated two-factor authentication (2FA) if you can access the social networking site without receiving or submitting a passcode.

Report to Facebook

If none of the above solutions help, contact Facebook to know about the issue.

  • Tap on the profile symbol on the upper side of Facebook once it is open. 
  • Select Help and support > Report a problem from the menu.


One of the most unpleasant situations is looking for a lost passcode. This guide will help you more clearly know why Facebook isn’t sending a code to your phone so that you may take appropriate actions.

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  1. Deborah Pinter

    my fb keeps saying I need a code and my password is always wrong. I just put a new password in and it’s fine then it’s not. I’m trying to also put in add a phone and email Incase I get locked out and it won’t even let me do that. I was fixing my birthday right and my name and it won’t let me go any further because it’s saying my password is wrong again

    • Aydan

      Hi Deborah Pinter,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It sounds like you are having issues with resetting your Facebook password and setting up your security methods. We recommend that you take the following steps:
      1. Try resetting your Facebook password using another email or phone number.
      2. Make sure you’re entering the right current password.
      3. Double-check your security settings to ensure all of your backup methods are set up correctly.

      If these steps don’t help, please reach out to Facebook support directly at https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/ for further assistance. We hope you’re able to get this issue sorted out!


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