“Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp” Meaning Explained

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February 19, 2023

WhatsApp is now one of the most prevalent instant messaging applications, with billions of users using it daily to keep connected via Texts, images, videos, video chats, and voice notes, among other things.

Its ability to automatically upgrade to create a place for recent tools and functions is only one of its numerous features.

Many individuals are disturbed and think about the notification “Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp,” Meaning! If you’ve seen or heard this warning, this post explains what it means and how to stop receiving these irritating alerts.

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What is Security Code in WhatsApp?

your security code is changed in whatsapp meaning

WhatsApp uses security codes to guarantee that all conversations, messages, and other app interactions are properly encrypted from one side to the next. This ensures that the only people who can see your communications are the owner and the individual he is talking with.

This security code is often shown as a 60-digit figure or QR code on the contact information window.

There are no duplicate security codes since the website uses them to check the encryption and confidentiality of messages transferred between subscribers.

“Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp” Meaning Explained

People get worried when their WhatsApp security code is changed without changing their phone. They think their WhatsApp may have been blocked or get hacked. The security code between two users (you and another person) may alter from time to time. You can receive a message from WhatsApp saying that your security code has changed for several reasons. 

So no need to think or worry about why I am getting security code change notifications from a contact who has blocked me on WhatsApp; it could be due to the following reasons.

  • One of those causes can be the re-installation of WhatsApp by you or one of your friends.
  • Your security code changed because there was a registered WhatsApp on their phone again or on a new device.
  • This notification indicates that you or the other individual has switched phone numbers.
  • It might be because they updated the device or deleted or replaced a linked device.
  • Lastly, this notice may appear if the user or you delete or increase the number of linked devices. 
  • The important thing is that it’s simple to confirm the accuracy of the new code even though it has been updated.

How to Avoid the Notification “Your Security Code is Changed”

If you want to avoid this notification from showing up and want to know how to hide security code changes in WhatsApp, here is your guide.

It’s simple to figure out how to enable and disable the WhatsApp security code reminder. The process is simple; thus, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Tap More Options 
  • Choose Settings
  • Select Account
  • Select Security 
  • Allow “display security notifications on this phone.”

Some Useful Whatsapp Features you Should Know About

WhatsApp is gradually becoming an innovative communication software, and new features are introduced monthly. Several interesting new techniques exist to stay in contact while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Here are some of them.

Leave a Group Quietly

Just recently, every group users were able to know when a person left the group. With the most recent version, WhatsApp allows you to quit Groups quietly without informing other participants. It will only be possible for others to notice that you have left a group by viewing the list of participants in the settings. 

Block Others from Taking Screenshots

Earlier, when you sent a video or a picture with View Once, the other user could take a screenshot or record the screen to save your video without the knowledge. The latest feature prevents screenshots of View Once texts from protecting the privacy of your content.

Use WhatsApp on a PC

One option to use WhatsApp on your PC is through WhatsApp Web, although frequent sign-ins might be annoying. But now that WhatsApp has released a specialized, native application for Windows, easier to use on PC.

Control who Can Add you to the Whatsapp Group

You have control over who can add you to WhatsApp Groups. Easily access Privacy and Groups by going to Settings > Account. Selecting Anyone, My Contact, or My Contacts Except is now possible. People cannot add you to any WhatsApp Groups until you allow them to.

Resume your Voice Recording

your security code is changed in whatsapp meaning

Suppose you are using WhatsApp to make a voice message when suddenly, an urgent text arrives that you need to respond to. You must stop recording, handle the issue, and record from the start. 

But it’s not the case anymore. You can raise the bar, lock it while recording your audio message, and carry out the desired action.


The information in this post should have clarified what it means when your security code is changed in WhatsApp. Now you may deactivate your WhatsApp account, change your contact number, or change phones without worrying about any risks. 

Saher Mahmood

Saher Mahmood


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