Best Hacking Websites to Grow Your Knowledge in 2023

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January 17, 2023

By the word hacking, we immediately envision images of crime, unlawful activity, and threats to our privacy. However, the truth is hacking is far more complicated than this. Ethical hackers devote their talent and effort towards researching how to breach into networks for free and improving their cybersecurity knowledge. 

Are you interested in practicing ethical hacking on websites for free but need help figuring out where to start? Go nowhere else; this post includes a list of the best hacking websites where you may legally engage in ethical hacking.

List of Best Hacking Websites

There are several unique hacking websites and platforms where hackers exist and polish their talent.

These websites include hacking tools, links, software, knowledge, resources, and techniques that most individuals don’t know.

Best Hacking Websites


Hackaday is the place to go if you want to know about the most recent hacking information, updates, tips, and techniques for effectively breaking security barriers. Here, you will learn about the complex methods that hackers use and ways to protect against them, in addition to how to set up your firewall software for impenetrable protection.

Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer is the best choice if you’re looking to play a nasty trick on a buddy or coworker by hacking their favorite sites. You can pretend to be a highly skilled programmer executing orders to break into a device or someone’s network. It doesn’t matter if you’re unfamiliar with the Basics of hacking; Hacker Typer will help you appear to be nothing less than an expert.


One of the best websites for learning cybersecurity strategies and tactics is SANS. With the most current and exciting material, it assists in teaching you the fundamentals of cybersecurity. So, you can practice hacking from anywhere around the world at any time. To completely immerse yourself in training, you must set up VMware.

Hack The Box

One of the top hacking testing websites is Hack The Box. The tasks are organized into different segments. This website also includes many live tools that receive regular updates over a set period. Joining Hack The Box requires completing a hack invitation code task. 

Only after receiving the invitation code could you signup on to the website. It has private laboratories and is also free. Both experts and newbies will love this website.


A relatively new website Cybrary provides a broad range of lectures and courses on topics ranging from fundamental computing to complex pen testing. Several comprehensive courses delivered by top industry experts are accessible on this website. To ensure you are qualified for the course content, Cybrary even provides certification programs that may help you be prepared when registering for security licenses in a particular subject.


It is the finest website in the world to learn hacking if you are eager to receive a license after completing the program. Through various courses and programs, you can earn an ethical hacker certification from EC-Council. You can study and work from anywhere using this user-friendly e-learning technology while engaging in hands-on training. 


In Wargames, a strategy that blends education and playing, this site assists you in exploring, understanding, and practicing security principles. Such games are all cleverly incorporated into various hacking techniques. To get to the last stage, all you need to do is continue competing and skill up. A competition’s next-level passcode is given to you as you advance through the levels. It does not, though, offer SSH credentials.

Best Hacking Games for Beginners You Must Play in

Hacking Loops

It is a teaching blog started with the intention of assisting newbies in understanding the basics of hacking. Learning ethical hacking, penetration testing, and phone hacking all in one location is possible with Hacking Loops. This easy-to-use website has all the data required to enhance and assess your skills appropriately.

Hack This Site

It is Another excellent free resource for learning and practicing internet hacking. It is among the greatest choices on our list for both novices and professionals. You will get tasks of different levels, tech guides, articles, blogs, and other helpful content here. However, because of its unfriendly design, newcomers could feel terrified.


Everyone knows the immense respect both unethical and ethical hackers have in employing hacking techniques. If this attracts you, learning on SecTools will satisfy you. This site provides a diverse selection of the most popular hacking tools. This site is worth trying if you want to improve your hacking skills.


The method to learn ethical hacking is similar to perfecting any other skill; you must be willing to put aside time to fully grasp the ideas before engaging in as much practice as possible. As practice is what distinguishes a professional from a newbie,

Learning about various hacking websites is crucial whether you are a newbie, experienced hacker, part-time trainee, or programmer. You can practice high-level hacking while learning it in the convenience of your own home. The above list is a great way to explore and polish your skills, surf through each, and learn while having fun. 

Noor Khan

Noor Khan


My name is Noor, and I am a seasoned entrepreneur focused on the area of artificial intelligence. As a robotics and cyber security researcher, I love to share my knowledge with the community around me.

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  1. Paul

    i want to know how to hack any phone or any electronic devices

    • Aydan

      Hi Paul, hacking electronic devices is considered a crime and is not recommended. There are much better ways to build your knowledge and skillset in the field of programming and computer science. We recommend taking courses on coding, learning scripting languages like Python, and reading books on cyber security.


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