Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook in 2023?

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January 28, 2023

For ages, Facebook has been one of the most renowned websites and social media platforms. Posting personal images and videos to your account was one of its first features. You can check your views and count how many individuals have viewed your video clip, just like on YouTube. 

But can you see who views your videos on Facebook? This article will teach you if you can monitor who sees your Facebook videos and how to access the statistics of your uploaded clips. If you often submit video clips to the platform, follow this article to discover more.  

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Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook?

You’ll have to work hard if you’re curious about who saw my Facebook videos. Facebook will show you how many people saw your video on your profile, but it won’t provide any additional information. Facebook’s security regulations state that it will not disclose other members’ activities. You’ll know they’ve seen it if they give a ‘like or another response.

There is currently no method to determine who has viewed videos posted to your Individual Fb Account or your Fb Fan Page. On every user account, you can check the count of likes, messages, and emojis for every video you’ve published. Fb does provide more detailed data for videos posted to Facebook Business Pages under the Insights menu. Suppose you want to view analytics for videos published on your page. You can do so by going to the Insights Menu and selecting Videos.  

The video stats will fluctuate based on whether you are the clip’s producer or if you’ve reposted a movie. Producers have a complete video statistic that includes a persistence graph, mean viewing period, thirty-second views, and a complete split of views (unique/repeat, auto-play/click to play).

Anyone who has reposted the clips on their sites can look at summary statistics on the visitors’ categories and broad social backgrounds. They will also get a visual display of daily views of the reposted video and information on sponsored vs. genuine engagement on the reposted video.

Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook

For a Single Video’s Insights

 Scroll to the page’s top right and select publishing settings. 

Select a video from the library. 

Then, on the right, you can explore the different parts. 

This will provide you with more information relating to the video’s progress. As an example:

Time Viewed: This shows you the minutes a clip had been seen from Page’s post, cross-posts, and shared posts.

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10-Second Views: This gives you the number of times someone viewed your clip for a minimum of ten seconds or the complete video view if it’s shorter than ten seconds.

Audience and Engagement: This will include information on fan responses, remarks, and likes. You will also receive user preferences if you get a minimum of 100 visits.

See Views Through Live Stream

You can observe your viewers through the live stream control screen when you go for a Livestream or live broadcast. But, after the event, you will only know the viewer numbers but not their identities. Live discussions and interactions are other methods to see who is watching your content (likes and reactions).

When a recording show is released following a live broadcast, you will only see the number of individuals who watched that video. If you’ve wondered, “Does Facebook indicate who watches your videos?” It will only appear during a Facebook Live stream, not on previously released or archived live streams. You can find out who saw your video by connecting with your followers via comments.

If you want others to see your videos, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your chosen contacts see your video:

  • Send the video to your selected contacts via Messenger.
  • Post the video into your Facebook stories.
  • Tag them in the video.

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Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Story?

Facebook stories are a fantastic way to see who has seen your videos on Facebook. You will be able to see how many people watched your post and who watched it. If your clip is brief enough, upload it to the Fb stories tab. However, if the video is lengthy, repost it in the stories. So the answer to the query, “Can you see who views your Fb Story,” is yes. This function was introduced to the social network to allow companies and people to monitor the range of their posts and discover which connections were engaged and which weren’t. 


You won’t know who viewed your clip and didn’t until the contacts actively connect with your content and videos. They can respond with a like, emojis, or a message under the clip. When a person shares your clip, you must be able to watch it. Aside from that, you cannot penetrate Facebook’s security barrier using the smartphone application or the Fb webpage. If a third-party program provides such a feature, be wary of how real it is and consider whether or not to trust an unidentified program with all your Fb data.

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